You could be a startup founder!

Ever been curious about the world of startups?

Are you drawn to the idea of starting your own business, have a startup idea or just curious about the world of startups? 

Then our free on-demand program, Enterprize Activate, is exactly what you need.

Whether you're nurturing a startup idea, seeking inspiration, or simply curious about startups, then our free on-demand program Activate is for you. It's your springboard into Australia's vibrant startup scene.

Our expert presenters will equip you with cutting-edge tools, guiding you through ideation, lean startup principles, design thinking, and the vital process of validating your startup concept.

Activate consists of seven self-paced modules, designed for both newcomers and budding entrepreneurs. The binge worthy sessions can be completed in less than a day or more deeply over several weeks - you're in control.

If you're thrilled by what you're learning and uncover a game-changing idea you're itching to tackle, and you want the hands on support to bring it to life—then Enterprize Elevate is your next big move.

To apply for Elevate

you must first complete Enterprize Activate

Enterprize Elevate is our signature 12 week hands on founder focused incubator. We select a small group of founders to work with from startup idea to launch with practical tools, coaching, mentoring and community. To apply for Elevate you must complete Activate and sumbit the following pieces of work. 

  • Your Business Model Canvas
  • Your Value Proposition Canvas
  • Your elevator pitch. 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Activate

    • Welcome to Activate

    • What is Elevate and should I apply?

  • 2

    Your Lean Startup Deep Dive

    • Introduction to Lean Startup

    • Introduction to Lean Startup Overview

    • Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Analysis

    • Stop Guessing, Start Validating - The Build Measure Learn Loop

    • Examples of MVPs

    • The number one reason most startups fail!

    • Lean Startup Recap

    • Additional Resources

  • 3

    Ideation & Design Thinking

    • Introduction to Design Thinking

    • The Design Thinking Process - The model

    • The Design Thinking model

    • The Power of Collaboration

    • Design Thinking Challenge

  • 4

    Focus on the Problem

    • Fall in Love with the Problem

    • Fall in Love with the Problem Check-In

    • How to Find a Problem You Want to Fall in Love With

    • Find a Problem to Fall in Love With Activity

  • 5

    ✏️ Business Model Design and the Business Model Canvas

    • The Importance of Your Business Model

    • Business Model Design

    • Business Model Design Questions

    • Business Model Design Insights

    • The Business Model Canvas

    • ✏️ Your Business Model Canvas

  • 6

    ✏️ The Value Proposition Canvas

    • Introduction to the Value Proposition Canvas

    • ✏️ Your Value Proposition Canvas

    • The VPC & Risky Assumptions

  • 7

    ✏️ Pitching 101

    • An Introduction to Pitching

    • Craft Your One Liner

    • Your Elevator Pitch

    • ✏️ Craft Your Elevator Pitch

    • The Content Blocks

  • 8

    Finding Balance not Burnout

    • Mental Health & Burnout

    • The Burnout Checklist

    • The Importance of Refuelling

    • Practical Actions for Refuelling

  • 9

    Where to From Here

    • Where to From Here

    • Your application for Elevate

Your Instructors

Sarah Cole - Programs Facilitator, Enterprize
Jennifer Hamilton - Co-Founder, Lean AI
Rohit Augustine - Founder, Top Down Tasmania
Dr Amy Imms - Founder, The Burnout Project
Mark Acheson - Founder, Kindly
Dr Teresa O'Rourke - Community Coordinator & Regional Events Coordinator, Enterprize

Start your journey into the exciting world of startups

Whether you're just curious, already have a startup idea or looking for the inspiration to find one - Activate is for you.

Our Program Partners

Enterprize Activate is generously supported by our program partners. Enterprize is a Tasmanian not for profit with the mission to support founders and aspiring founders with industry leading tools, programs, community and support.